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Wood Flooring

Bamboo and Cork Flooring


Carpet One Billings is your local expert when it comes to wood flooring. We offer a wide selection of wood flooring options, including hardwood, bamboo, and cork. Each option certainly will add luxury and value to your home setting. Not sure which is the right choice for your setting? Read on to learn more!






Hardwood is certainly the most popular wood flooring option. In fact, it continues to be the best way for homeowners to increase the appeal and value of their homes. We offer both solid and engineered hardwood flooring in our showroom.



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Cork and Bamboo



Although hardwood is extremely popular, it’s not the only wood flooring option available. We offer both bamboo flooring and cork flooring as part of our overall wood selection.



Bamboo flooring offers a unique appearance that is great for modern designs. It features patterns of dark bands and nodules that run in horizontal or vertical directions. Compared to hardwood, bamboo is harder and more dimensionally stable, so it is better-suited for foot traffic and other impacts. Also, bamboo can handle humidity and changing temperatures better than hardwood. Nonetheless, bamboo flooring is still not recommended for areas with moisture.



Unlike bamboo, cork flooring does not have a striking appearance, but it does offer a few advantages. Since cork is flexible compared to wood, cork flooring is actually resilient. In fact, most indents will either fully or partially recover over time. Cork is also naturally resistant to mold and mildew, and it does well to muffle the sound of foot traffic.



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