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Shop a Wide Selection Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Billings, MT

Simple, easy to care for, and stylish, luxury vinyl has definitely become one of the more popular flooring types available today. Why? It combines the strength of synthetic materials with the authentic appearance of hardwood, tile, and stone. These innovative floors are long-lasting and perfect for residential and commercial interiors. Want to learn more about luxury vinyl? Be sure to visit Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings. We are your local source for beautiful flooring and always low vinyl flooring prices in Billings, Montana.


Types of Luxury Vinyl


Luxury vinyl has a special photographic film layer that includes a super-HD photo of either wood or stone. Plus, the floor’s surface is even textured to mirror the exact grains and other characteristics of the wood or tile image. It’s no surprise that most homeowners have a difficult time discerning between luxury vinyl and its natural counterparts. The two main types of vinyl today are planks and tiles. LVP flooring, or vinyl planks, are both shaped and styled exactly like hardwood. Vinyl plank is also quite affordable, resistant to water damages, and easy to maintain. Vinyl tile, or LVT flooring, is square or rectangular and echoes porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone.


Is Luxury Vinyl Waterproof?


Luxury vinyl floors come in waterproof and water-resistant variations. Most luxury vinyl products are water-resistant and can hold up to the occasional splash or spill. However, if puddles are allowed to sit on the floor long enough, the moisture will eventually sink below the surface of the vinyl and cause problems below. With waterproof luxury vinyl, you’ll have 100% protection, even if you aren’t able to clean up a mess right away. This is thanks to a watertight seal that doesn’t let liquids escape through it. Waterproof luxury vinyl can also be installed so that it doesn’t have seams between each tile or plank where moisture can leak in. Additionally, it has a layered construction that’s resilient to warping, even in high-humidity situations. Some products also feature a specialized core that prevents moisture from reaching the subfloor.


Where Can Luxury Vinyl Be Installed?


Because of its synthetic construction, luxury vinyl flooring is incredibly resilient. There are multiple installation methods you can choose from depending on the type of luxury vinyl floor you choose. For example, a sheet vinyl option comes in rolls and is glued down with a permanent adhesive. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles can usually be installed over existing floors and subfloors using a click-lock floating method. Floating floors are easy and fast to install, and simple to repair and replace in the future. We also have glue-down vinyl flooring options for more high-traffic, moisture-prone settings. Vinyl is soft and flexible, and relatively comfortable underfoot when compared to hard surfaces like tile. Many luxury vinyl options even include cushioned layers, such as cork or fiberboard, for extra comfort and sound absorption. At the same time, the surface remains warm to the touch. There are luxury vinyl floors that are equipped to handle any space in your home, as well as business settings.


Caring for Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Luxury vinyl flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. It’s a great flooring option if you have a kid-friendly or pet-friendly home. Only routine damp mopping is required, and this may only be necessary in areas with significant foot traffic. Also, luxury vinyl floors, because they are resilient, will rarely crack or chip. Nonetheless, when it comes to cleaning, we do recommend relying on any manufacturer specifications so as to not void any warranties.


Our Luxury Vinyl Selection


We’re always keeping up with the latest flooring trends and technologies, and that includes offering a great selection of luxury vinyl. As part of Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer the buying power of over a thousand stores around the continent, but with the localized and friendly services you’d expect from a small, neighborhood business. You’ll always find personalized service and low prices when you shop with us thanks to the co-op difference. Our luxury vinyl collections include Invincible H2O, Invincible XT, COREtec PlusMannington AduraBaroque Rocaille, and XL Flooring. Our showroom proudly serves Billings, Southeast Montana, Northern Wyoming, and beyond


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