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Carpet Remnants

Carpet Remnants


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings, we strive to provide you with a variety of flooring options that suit your needs. While we have many carpet options that vary in style, design, material, and price, we also have other carpet options that could be perfect if you have a smaller project you want to complete. We call these carpet options carpet remnants because they are usually leftover from past projects, and are clean and ready to use. If you think a carpet remnant could be what you’re looking for, stop by our showroom to see what we have in-store today! Our sales pros can help you determine what carpet remnant would work best for your next project. 


What Can Carpet Remnants Be Used For?


There are many different types of projects that carpet remnants can be used for. For example, let’s say you live in a home with cats. Litter boxes often take up space in a hallway, entryway, or mudroom, and the area around them can be tough to clean. Rather than worry about cat litter being moved from place to place from your cat’s paws, you can put carpet down underneath the area where the litter box is. A carpet remnant is perfect for this project because you don’t have to worry about purchasing a large amount of carpet. You can also use carpet remnants to replace cat trees yourself, saving you time and money. 



Another project that is ideal for carpet remnants is to help you move furniture. If you have large pieces of furniture or appliances that need to be moved, opt for a carpet remnant to help. These remnants can make pulling pieces of furniture easier and more manageable than picking them up. 



Lastly, carpet remnants are perfect for protecting items that you want to put into storage. You can roll these items inside of a carpet piece to ensure that they do not get damaged, especially if they are glass or porcelain.



If you want to learn about our available carpet remnants, stop by one of our showrooms today! 



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