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Living room with brown couch and two chairs, beige carpet

Carpet in Billings, MT


Stylish, soft, and ever so cozy, carpeting is one of America’s favorite ways to floor in commercial and residential settings. With rich textures, patterns, and colors, carpeting has much to offer us, and with our Comforts of Home, we guarantee you will always have a soft floor to stand on. Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings in Billings, MT, is the region’s most trusted provider of carpet products and related services. Our flooring specialists can help you create the perfect interior with a designer carpet that’s an ideal match for your space while meeting all your practical needs. We proudly serve Billings and its surroundings, including Southeast Montana, Northern Wyoming, and beyond.


The Benefits of Having Carpet in Billings, MT



What are the Different Types of Carpet?


We’ll help you pick a new carpet that offers superior stain resistance, heavy wear capabilities, or even the ability to combat pet stains. Of course, we can also recommend the softest, most comfortable carpets for all those homebodies. There are five types of carpet piles: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.



Carpet Fiber Types


When it comes to selecting the perfect carpet, understanding the properties of each fiber type is critical. A carpets function relies on the kind of fiber used. These fibers, woven into piles, can be crafted from natural and synthetic materials, each offering distinct advantages. Synthetic fibers, including nylon, triexta, and polyester, are celebrated for their softness, strength, and resistance to tearing and wear. Meanwhile, natural fibers like wool offer eco-friendliness and even antimicrobial properties in some cases.



Pet-Friendly Carpets


We have plenty of pet-proof carpets that are perfect for any busy home. Stain-resistant and odor-repelling, these carpets are easy to clean. They have fast-drying fibers that resist moisture. Some even have a waterproof backing that protects the carpet pad and subfloor from accidents. We have plenty of carpet designs that hide pet fur between cleanings.


Professional Carpet Installation in Billings, MT


Choosing the right carpet is essential for every space in your home. Use stain-resistant carpets for your entryway, hallway, stairs, or a child's room to withstand daily wear and spills. Consider heavy-duty carpets in high-traffic areas like the living room to effectively manage family gatherings and pet accidents. For ultimate comfort in your master bedroom, indulge in plush carpets that provide a luxurious setting for your tired feet. In smaller spaces like closets and hallways, carpet remnants offer an affordable and creative solution. We also offer commercial carpets and carpet tiles tailored to business settings.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings, we take pride in being members of the nation's largest cooperative of independent flooring stores. With our superior buying power, we provide competitive carpet prices and carry many renowned carpet brands. Visit our showroom to explore our extensive carpet inventory, or start browsing online with the assistance of our experts. Your perfect carpet flooring solution awaits!


Contact us or visit our showroom near you in Billings, MT, to learn more about our carpet. We proudly serve the neighboring communities of Livingston, Glendive, Colstrip, Jordan, Malta, Fort Peck, Miles City, Cody, Sheridan, Red Lodge, Laurel, Bridger, Columbus, Park City, Huntley, Hardin, Roundup, Lewistown, and Harlowton, MT.

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Bedroom with bed and window, grey carpeted floor

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Living room with brown chair, ottoman, and dresser with beige carpet
Living room with fireplace and brown couch, beige carpet

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