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Carpet Store in Billings, MT

Stylish, soft, and ever so cozy, carpeting is one of America’s favorite ways to floor, both in commercial and residential settings. Rife with rich textures, patterns, and colors, carpeting has much to offer us, and with our Comforts of Home we guarantee you will always have a soft floor to stand on. Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings in Billings, Montana, is the region’s most trusted provider of carpeting products and related services. Our flooring specialists can help you create the perfect interior with a designer carpet that’s a perfect match for your space while meeting all your practical needs. We proudly serve Billings and its surroundings, including Southeast Montana, Northern Wyoming, and beyond.


Types of Carpet


We’ll help you pick a new carpet that offers superior stain resistance, heavy wear capabilities, or even the ability to combat pet stains. Of course, we can recommend the softest, most comfortable carpets for all those homebodies, as well. There are five types of carpet pile: level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush.



Cut-pile carpet is constructed by attaching carpet fibers to the backing and then cutting them. The carpet fibers that are left can vary in height and twist, depending on the product.



Loop pile carpet is created using fibers that are placed into a loop form then attached to the backing. The length and height of the loop are different from one product to another.



Cut-loop carpet is a combination of both cut and loop piles to create a unique carpet. Cut-loop carpets are used to create designs and patterns.


Types of Fiber


Carpet function is largely determined by fiber. Carpet fibers are woven into piles and can be made of both natural and synthetic materials. Synthetic fibers include nylon, triexta, and polyester, while wool is a popular natural fiber. Synthetics are known to be soft and strong, resistant to tearing and wear. Meanwhile, wool and other natural fibers are often eco-friendly and even antimicrobial in some cases.



Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers on the market today. While it is not naturally stain-resistant, it can be treated to become stain-resistant. Nylon is a durable carpet fiber.



Polyester is like a cousin to nylon. It is a budget-friendly option and also must be treated for stain resistance.



Olefin is best known for its loop carpets that have patterns. It is best for low-traffic spaces.



Triexta is a unique, synthetic fiber that is naturally stain-resistant. It is also a resilient fiber.



Wool is a natural fiber that is perfect if you want an eco-friendly carpet fiber. It is soft, fire-resistant, and it must be maintained by a professional.


Pet-Friendly Carpets


We have plenty of pet-proof carpets that are perfect for any busy home. Stain-resistant and odor-repelling, these carpets are easy to clean. They have fast-drying fibers that resist moisture. Some even have a waterproof backing that protects the carpet pad and subfloor from urine. Plus, we have plenty of carpet designs that hide pet fur between cleanings.


Where to Install Carpeting


There are very few places where carpeting isn’t welcome, but it’s wise to choose carefully. A stain-resistant carpet floor will fare well in your entryway, hallway, stairs, or in a child’s room. Your living room, the site of many family gatherings, might require a heavy-duty carpet that can manage heavy traffic, as well as the likeliness of puppy accidents. For a master bedroom, where comfort is key, a plush carpet can be a welcome setting for your tired feet. We also offer commercial carpets and carpet tiles for business settings. Carpeting should generally be avoided in bathrooms and kitchens since they might not hold up to the excessive humidity.


Our Carpet Selection


Carpet One Floor & Home of Billings is the best place to buy carpet near you. We’re proud to be members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the nation’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores. Among our many exciting customer perks is our superior buying power. This allows us to offer lower carpet prices. We also carry many of your favorite carpet brands, as well as exclusive collections like LEES, Resista, and Tigressá. Come to our showroom to have our experts help you or start browsing our carpet inventory online to get started.



Learn More About Carpet



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Carpet Remnants


For an affordable and creative solution in smaller spaces like closets and hallways, carpet remnants are ideal.



Carpet Inspiration


Following the latest and greatest carpet trends can be exhausting: let us do it for you. Our talented designers have created these amazing looks using some of our favorite carpet products.



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How to Care for Carpet Properly


From vacuuming to managing your furnishings with care, there’s a lot you can do to keep your carpet newer, longer. Here are some handy “do’s and don’ts” from our team of experts.



Carpet Brands


Take a closer look at the premium carpet brands that we feature in our showroom.




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