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Tigressa H2O

waterproof carpet Billings, MT

We at Carpet One Billings know what our customers love about carpet. Carpet is soft and comfortable, and it is extremely versatile in terms of design. But, we also know what our customers fear the most: spills and stains. Fortunately, we carry Tigressa H2O, the perfect remedy for this fear. Tigressa H2O is one of the strongest and most durable carpets available today, as it is both stain resistant and waterproof. Plus, since it is exclusive to Carpet One stores, we are one of the few authorized dealers in the area!

Tigressa H2O is stain resistant and waterproof largely because of its patented thermoplastic backing. This backing acts as a barrier against stains and moisture, so no spills will ever penetrate the surface. As a result, spills can be wiped up even if they are not seen right away. Also, the backing protects against mold and mildew. The thermoplastic backing is lightweight and flexible, so it will not affect the carpet’s appearance in any way. 

In addition to stain and water protection, Tigressa H2O is also designed to combat household odors. Odors typically dissipate 6x more quickly compared to other carpets, and they will usually be eliminated in 30 minutes. Furthermore, Tigressa H2O is made from strong fibers, so the carpet does well to retain its appearance. Compared to other carpets, Tigressa H2O is resistant to fuzzing 4x longer and is 5x stronger against pulls.

Be sure to visit our Billings, MT store to see Tigressa H2O in action. Our carpet experts will help you choose the right color and style for your preferred setting.