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Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Carpet One Floor & Home inBillings, MT has what you need when you’re looking for luxury vinyl flooring. In addition to carrying the best quality luxury vinyl flooring, we also offer specialized services including installation. Our flooring experts not only assist you in finding the right floor for your home, but they will also guide you through the installation process.

How to Install Vinyl Flooring

There are multiple installation methods you can choose from depending on the type of luxury vinyl floor you choose. For example, a sheet vinyl option comes in rolls and is glued down with a permanent adhesive. The subfloor needs to be flat and free of imperfections. A benefit of installing sheet vinyl is there are no gaps in the flooring.

More modern types of luxury vinyl come in different installation options. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are made like puzzle pieces and can fit together almost seamlessly. These types of floors are known as floating floors and can be installed over most subfloors, even an existing floor. There is no adhesive needed making the installation process more efficient.

Where Can Vinyl Be Installed?

There is almost no room that is off limits when it comes to luxury vinyl. They are made to look just like a real hardwood or stone floor, but are built with resilient qualities. Their durable and resilient qualities also mean they can stand up to most every day challenges like dirt, scuffs, and spills. Luxury vinyl floors are great for high traffic areas as well as entrances to your home.

Invincible H2O vinyl flooring


Get the same look of a hardwood floor in your bathroom, but with waterproof qualities with waterproof luxury vinyl options. Our exclusive brand Invincible H2O can handle the moisture and will never expand or contract.

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Invincible H2O vinyl flooring


Luxury vinyl floors can handle the day to day tasks you do in your kitchen. Since luxury vinyl is also a resilient floor, it is more comfortable to stand on than a traditional tile floor, as well as warmer. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen luxury vinyl is a great option.

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