Our Quartz Selection

We at Carpet One Billings are happy to offer a great selection of quartz countertops as part of The Cabinet Center here at our Billings, MT location. We carry quality brands such as Cambria, LG Viatera, and Zodiaq.


Cambria is probably the most popular quartz manufacturer in the industry. It offers a wide variety of patterns, colors, and shades, so there is definitely an option to fit any design needs you have in mind. Also, since Cambria quartz is made from 93% pure quartz, it is extremely strong. The surface will resist most scratches, spills, and stains, and it will rarely chip. At the same time, Cambria quartz is nonporous and nonabsorbent, so spills will never be absorbed into the surface. This is important because absorbed spills promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

LG Viatera

Quartz countertops from LG Viatera, like Cambria, are made from 93% quartz, so they are stronger even than stone. As a result, scratches and scuffs are definitely few and far between. Plus, since Viatera quartz has a sealant-free consistency (meaning that the color and pattern are the same through the surface), any scratches can be removed from the surface. To add, Viatera quartz is considered hygienic because it is seamless and nonporous. Spills will never be absorbed into the surface, nor will they reside in crevices or other surface irregularities.


Zodiaq quartz is specially-made for demanding users such as homeowners and designers. It is made with pure quartz crystals that add extra shine and depth, but it also remains strong and durable. Zodiaq quarts is therefore perfect for kitchen countertops. The quartz is also certified as a low-emitting material that is free from harmful chemicals.