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Slip Resistance, Durability, and Maintenance

commercial flooring Billings, MT

Visit Carpet One Billings to take advantage of our commercial flooring expertise. We have years of experience helping our customers choose and install there commercial floors, so we know exactly what works in every setting. Here are three major aspects on which we will focus when helping you make the right commercial choice.

Commercial settings tend to feature a great deal of foot traffic on a regular basis, so slip resistance is vital. While some might prefer the appearance of a smooth surface, a more textured floor offers much greater slip resistance.

The same foot traffic that makes slip resistance important also makes durability a priority. Commercial floors face a lot of potential wear and tear, and in order to contend with this, they require stability, strength, and wear resistance. Unexpected occurrences, like falls or heavy items being dropped, can also factor into the equation, making durability even more important.

Another factor worth considering is the amount of general floor maintenance that will be required after a floor has been installed. In a commercial setting, floors that need only basic upkeep are preferable, as there is typically much more space in commercial areas.