Quality Hardwood

Carpet One Billings offers quality hardwood from Anderson. Anderson hardwood floors are noted for their strength and luxury, so they are great for residential settings such as homes. Plus, because Anderson only offers hardwood floors, it has continued to stay ahead of the rest of the industry with innovative product features.

Although Anderson offers both solid and engineered hardwood flooring, its engineered collections are definitely most noteworthy. Anderson’s founder, L.W. Anderson, actually set the standard for engineered hardwood by developing the first engineered floor many years ago. To this day, Anderson continues to set the standard with its Cross-Locked Engineered process. With this process, the wood layers are permanently locked together to offer more strength and dimensional stability than even solid oak. In fact, the engineered floors are nearly as strong as steel, while using only half as much wood as solid hardwood floors!

Anderson also offers its own Luster-Lock Ultra finish. Compared to the average wood finish, Luster-Lock finish is up to 6x more resistant to scratches and abrasions. As a result, Anderson floors with Luster-Lock will resists most scratches, scuffs, and other external impacts.

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